About Jasmine

Jasmine is an active Occupational Therapist (OT) currently working with kids and families in virtual school and the clinic settings.

She knows what it is like to have sensory processing difficulties. Being the last one to turn in tests at school, the clumsy class clown and a ballet drop out herself she has a deep compassion for kids who fly under the radar of the current medical system.

She has dedicated the last 8 years to learning more to learning about sensory processing and reflex integration and is a core-in-training for the MNRI method for reflex integration.

She has worked internationally in China and throughout the west coast of the US. In her free time she loves hikes with her dog and husband and art. Now as the creator of The Big Picture Therapy she has a mission to help kids all over the world be their Biggest Selves!

If you spend your free time scouring the web for fresh therapy ideas or are obsessed with how best to help children under your care then you have come to the right place. This website is a summation of many techniques packaged in refreshing and fun ways that kids will love.