What is an Occupational Therapist for Kids?

Occupational therapists, OTs,  are trained to help people with their occupations or what occupies their time. 

An occupation for a child can be: 






For adults it can be many things among which  is their work (thus the misconception that occupation means work rehabilitation-some OTs and vocational therapists can help with that!. 

OT’s are trained in task analysis or breaking down activities to find out where difficulties lie. 

Therapy would most likely include play and activities that focuses on building the skills children need such as: 

Sensory processing

Gross motor

Visual motor

Fine motor

Emotional regulation

One special niche OTs have claimed as their own is in sensory processing.

An OT can help wether a child has a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder SPD or children with no perceivable physical differences yet struggle with processing sensory information to create efficient motor patterns. 

And very importantly Occupational Therapists support and educate and empower other professionals and adults working with children who have special needs thus why you are finding yourself on this website.