Turkey Pre-Writing Activities and Download🦃

What do you do before drawing letters? Lots of vertical and horizontal lines building into intersecting lines! Make sure to get your download at the end of this blog. 

These printouts can be traced and have fading visual supports. 

I just used them with a 6 year-old kid with Down Syndrome who is just learning to make vertical and horizontal lines. We did a little hand over hand then she made lines on her own!

After tracing you can practice your cutting skills by cutting along the lines. 

You Might even get to practice some T's for Turkey or Thanksgiving or Thankful!  

The kid I was working with today used some stamp markers to make marks in the dots (they are fun with little hearts and stars). The markers were dry so we ended up using markers.

If you are looking for a good color matching dopper activity 123 Homeschool for Me has a great printable.  

I used the letter T-dopper printable before introducing the bird because I knew there would be too many visual distractions with the bird. 

She did great though and I'm so proud to say how many of the pink dots she nailed! 

The fat bingo markers could have made this look even better just make sure you get washable ones!

The green has play doh stuck to it because we rolled up doh balls and placed them on the paper!

Making and placing play doh balls can add a nice fine motor element to the dopper activities in the Upper and Lowercase “T” printables too. 

You could laminate pages to reuse across kids and use a dry erase marker for tracing. 

Hoping you enjoy this Pre-Writing turkey activity packet that includes a multi-sensory activity turkey feather art activity. 

I could have used this during my food play activity last week. (We used ketchup, mustard, and yogurt among other things to “paint”). 

She even used a paint splattering technique that her sister used to splatter watercolors! The Turkey also had a story. She was a mama turkey who lost her children. Crying mustard tears of course😭.

It was precious to see this 5 year old putting so much attention into this and smelling and touching some pretty uncomfortable foods for her. 

This is great for kids working on touch processing and decreasing tactile defensiveness for more ideas check out an our blog on touch processing. 

Looking for a general fall activity packet?  Check out our previous post with matching pumpkins with emotions and leaf cutouts.  hat one has some good gross motor activities. 

Thanks for visiting our corner of the web! Find the Turkey Pre-Writing Packet below.