🕸🕷Halloween OT Activities

These activities are for kids working on pre-writing and fine motor skills.

 This would be good for Pre-Kindergarteners though I will be using these with older kids with delays that are working on the basics.I am always encouraging people to slow down and work on fundamentals before having children copy letters or words. 

Finish the drawing is one great way to do just that. Work on vertical, horizontal, crosses and diagonal lines in a fun way.

A Gross Motor Halloween Activity

👻 Ghost Bowling

Knock down the ghosts with some bowling. I had fun making ghosts with different emotions. You can also make your own by painting toilet paper rolls, bottles, you name it.

Check out some different bowling moves. Check out the video below for some ways to bowl that help children work on STNR in a fun way!

STNR is a reflex that is pivotal in vision and affects children's ability to move their heads independently from the rest of their body. 

Kids who struggle with this have difficulty looking up at the teacher/board and down at their paper. Keeping track of what they are writing becomes very difficult.