🍂🍂🍂Leaves and Pumpkins Fall Activities

🎃 Mini-Pumpkin Motor Activities

Mini pumpkins you can find at your grocery store offer lots of opportunities for kids to practice balance, core strength and force modulation to stack them.

Check out a few ideas in this little video.

🍁Fall Leaf Clothespin Activities

Got kids that are working on body awareness, washing their bodies thoroughly, or increasing awareness of one side of their body that they ignore (hemiplegic or stroke affected)? 

Try these clothespin Activities for
🍁Vestibular processing- right/left movements
🍁Midline crossing- activating both sides of the brain
🍁Sensory processing of touch (especially when blindfolded!)

Ways to grade:
-start of reaching to same side
-reach across body
-alternate right and left sides
-use mirror
-occlude vision

(Make sure NOT to pinch them when putting on!)

Fall Printable Ideas

Here are some simple printables for all sorts of activities including pumpkin emotion charades, zones of regulation matching, and leaf visual perceptual matching.

🍂Leaf Matching Activities

Print two copies of leaves and use masking tape to make a tree on a wall.

-Have child cut out leaves and match to leaves on tree

-Scatter leaves on floor and pick up with scooter board, animal walks, and from swings

🎃Pumpkin Emotion Activities

Use these 8 expressive pumpkins to:

-Place on zones of regulation.

-You can also print two copies and match for visual perceptual skills.

-Use for emotion charades by pickinga card and acting out emotion for other person to guess.

Get your copy with Leaf Matching below!

🍁Fall Printable Download

Cut and match, Pick up from ground, Act Out Emotions... Endless ways to use!

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