Bilateral Coordination

The Leprechaun Workout

These moves are great for  using right and left sides together (homologous movements) and using them separately (homolateral movements.) 🍀Lateral side bending/flexion 🍀Homologous movements and homolateral (one sided) movements 🍀Full extension and flexion of the body 🍀Bilateral Coordination 🍀Motor Planning and Imitation 🍀Rhythmicity and movement timing (especially when dancing to music! Grab Your Free Copy …

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Valentines Reflex Inspired Activities and Heart Chart Download❤️

Valentines is a around the corner and here at The Big Picture Therapy we have some activities for the kids in your life to help them with development and visual motor skills.  STNR-Inspired Valentines Reaches These are great one to use if a child has difficulty: -Sitting still-Maintaining good upright seated posture-Copying from a board …

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🍂🍂🍂Leaves and Pumpkins Fall Activities

🎃 Mini-Pumpkin Motor Activities Mini pumpkins you can find at your grocery store offer lots of opportunities for kids to practice balance, core strength and force modulation to stack them. Check out a few ideas in this little video. 🍁Fall Leaf Clothespin Activities Got kids that are working on body awareness, washing their bodies thoroughly, …

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7 kinds of Wall PushUps

7 Kinds of Wall Pushups

This activity includes heavy work or deep pressure input for body awareness, upper body strength and cross midline patterns. To grade up you can do small sets of these push ups and build up to more sequences such as repetitions of 3. Add a metronome and you are working the cerebellum –the part of the …

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Chicken Workout Game for Bilateral Coordination Kids

Spring Chicken Workout

The Spring Chicken Workout is here!  (For everyone new here I make these dice games with 6 exercises and I use them in person and tele-therapy sessions- you can roll a dice to play or just do the moves as you can!). Just a few benefits of these moves: -Chest openers for posture and breath …

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