Spring Chicken Workout

Chicken Workout Game for Bilateral Coordination Kids

The Spring Chicken Workout is here!

 (For everyone new here I make these dice games with 6 exercises and I use them in person and tele-therapy sessions- you can roll a dice to play or just do the moves as you can!).

Just a few benefits of these moves:

-Chest openers for posture and breath

-Separation of left/right sides and upper/lower body for bilateral coordination

-Rotary vestibular input for balance

-Visual perception of the periphery. 

-Visual left to right tracking for reading and writing without losing place and ball skills

Tips on the ski Jumps:

Ipsilateral and contralateral jacks aka Ski Jumps are one way we as OTs measure and teach bilateral coordination. (You need bilateral coordination to do anything involving both sides of your body like cutting, using a fork and knife, dressing etc)

Tips for scaffolding from easy to hard:

1. Use visual cues on the ground when first learning how to place the feet.

(I imagine it is like a box with four corners and I place the same colors on diagonal to each other)

2. Add arms moving in same direction.

3. Have them switch motions with arms and legs.

Let me know how it goes for you if you try any of these moves!